JAMB e-pin is very important when you are trying to process UTME form or DE form because it is what will show if you have paid or not. Most students gets confused on how to get this pin while some who managed to get it lost it in one way or the other.

In this guide, I am going to show you ways to buy / get your JAMB e-pin and also how to replace your lost Jamb e-pin for those that have lost their own.

What Is JAMB e-Pin

How To Buy And Get Jamb E-pin Fast

Jamb e-Pin is the electronic pin you will buy when you must have created and gotten your Jamb profile code. This e-pin is delivered to the candidates mobile phone number (from Jamb) to be used at a CBT center or registration center for registering and processing of UTME or DE.

You have to know that whichever way you choose to pay for your Jamb e-pin 2019, the e-pin must be delivered to the candidates mobile phone number via SMS and this phone number is the one used in your profile creation.

How To Buy JAMB e-Pin On Any Place / Platform

There are numerous ways or platforms you can buy your Jamb e-pin of which I am going to show you before we round up this article but before then, make sure the steps looks like the one I will show you now as this is the format any legit source will use.

  • Create and get Jamb profile code if you have not created
  • You receive profile code
  • Pay for Jamb e-pin on any platform you choose to use
  • Provide your Jamb profile code (Code sent to your phone number)
  • E-pin will be delivered to your phone number or on portal website if it’s remita – Note: Nobody should dictate pin or write out pin for you, it has to be from Jamb.
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Payment Using Mobile Money Operators

This is available at CBT Centres and Other Outlets
(a) Present Profile Code and pay by cash
(b) ePIN is then delivered to the candidate’s unique telephone number

Payment Via ATM

This is available on all ATM outlets of Participating Banks listed in 5D (I) (Interswitch Channel)
(a) Select Bill Payment and then pick JAMB
(b) Enter Profile Code and pay
(c) ePIN is then delivered to the candidate’s unique telephone number

Online Payment Using JAMB Portal

(a) Visit JAMB website: www.jamb.gov.ng
(b) Click purchase of 2019 Application Document
(c) Enter your Profle Code
(d) Select payment method (Interswitch, Remita, e-Transact, Unifed Payment Solutions , Upper-link or Paga)
(e) Make payment
(f) ePIN is then delivered to the candidate’s unique telephone number

Payment Using USSD

(a) Dial *565*6*55019#
(b) Enter Profile Code
(c) Select bank and follow the prompts to complete payment
(d) ePIN is then delivered to the candidate’s unique telephone number

Payment Through POS

This is available at State Offices of JAMB + CBT Centres, other POS outlets and any CBT Centre that demands it
(a) Present Profile Code and pay by card
(b) ePIN is then delivered to the candidate’s unique telephone number

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Payment Using Micro Finance Banks

(a) Present Profile Code and pay by cash or card
(b) ePIN is then delivered to the candidate’s unique telephone number

How To Buy JAMB e-Pin On Remita Website

Remita is a leading online payment platform in Nigeria that helps people, businesses  and organisations to effortlessly send and receive funds and also settle various bills. I am going to show you how to use it and pay for your Jamb e-Pin.

  • Go to Remita.net/jamb
  • Now choose ‘Sales of JAMB/UTME Registration Forms’ in the ‘Name of Service/Purpose” column
  •  Enter your registered phone number (the one on which you received the confirmation code for your Jamb profile)
  • Enter other details and
  • Choose how you want to pay
  • Click on Submit

Once you are done with the payment, your PIN will delivered to your phone number and also displayed on your Remita receipt.

How To Buy Direct Entry JAMB e-Pin 

  • Go to Remita website
  • Click on Buy JAMB form
  •  Choose  Sale of JAMB/UTME Registration Forms
  • Select Sales of JAMB/DE Registration Forms in the Name of Service/Purpose column
  • Enter the confirmation code received after registration via SMS
  • Your  name is retrieved from JAMB
  • Enter other details
  • Select how you want to pay.
  • Once the transaction has been processed, click the “Print Receipt” button to provide you with your transaction receipt. The JAMB DE PIN would be displayed on the payment receipt.

What if you don’t receive your pin?

What To Do If  You Don’t Receive JAMB e-Pin

Just in case after processing your payment and you don’t get your e-pin, here is what you can do….

You can contact Remita using any of the followings:

-E-mail: support@remita.net

-Phone Numbers: +234-1-6367000, +234700-7877678, +234700-7877678

-Address: 4th-8th Floor, 136 Lewis Street, Lagos, Nigeria.

How To Recover Lost ePIN After Payment

It is always advisable to keep your Jamb e-pin safe and secure however, I understand that you might lose it in one way or the other.  The good news is that you can actually recover your lost e-pin after payment and it is quite simple to do. Just follow the below procedures:

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> > If ePIN is not Received or Lost, send [UTMEPIN] or [DEPIN] to 55019 for UTME or DE respectively from the unique number (the phone number used earlier on the profile)

How To Pay For Jamb ePin At Bank

Visit any of the banks that is selling Jamb e-Pin and the followings activities will take place  :

  • The Bank will Collect the Profile Code from your phone
  • The Bank will Collect payment and vend ePIN by SMS to your phone (Not dictating or copying)
  • Facilitate POS Payment, if necessary
  • The Bank will issue you evidence of Payment
  • ePIN is to be delivered electronically to you and not to be handwritten

That’s it on how to buy, pay and get your Jamb 2019 e-pin. You can drop us a question if you have any or just want to compliment and don’t forget to share this article using any of the share buttons below.

I wish you all the best in your UTME. 

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