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Diamond bank customers are so inquisitive to know if Diamond bank have been sold to Access bank or not. We are going to look at this issue in this post and know if Access bank finally bought Diamond bank.

The latest news about diamond bank is that Access Bank Plc has finally acquired Diamond Bank Plc though the official announcement have not been made but according Vanguard, the official announcement of the transaction will be made known to public by the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN.

Now as a customer, you are probably worried about your account and what you should do. Providing you with the best is what we are here for and I have taken my time to list what you should do below.

Diamond Bank Sold To Access Bank – What To Do As Customer

Diamond Bank Sold To Access Bank

What To Do As A Customer If Your Bank Is Sold To Another Bank

Considering the fact that commercial banks in Nigeria are being regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN your interest is being protected that’s why the whole thing is following a due process and not just anyhow act. If you really want to know what to do as Diamond bank is being sold to Access bank, below are what you should do

1. Don’t Be Scared

Just like I said earlier that all the commercial banks in Nigeria are being regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria, you don’t have to panic about the change as you will automatically become a customer to the new bank.

2. Learn About The New Bank

The most important thing I think you should do as a customer us to learn how the new bank you are about to start banking with operates. In this case you have to learn and know there USSD transfer code and other important information about them. I will soon post an article about that.

3. Check For Upcoming Changes

You have to check for new changes to come so that you will know if you are satisfied with it or not. It will also help you to take precautions before it becomes late. You can check for upcoming changes online and InfoGuiders is one of the platforms to check out.

4. Know The Minimum Account Balance

As your bank is being sold to another bank in this case Diamond being sold to Access, it is important to know the minimum balance of the new bank so as to avoid fees.

5. Know The New Fees For ATM Use

You have to also find out and know the new fees for you will pay for ATM use as it is not the same in all banks. Knowing this will help you to decide how you use your ATM card.

6. Know The Lending Rule And Interest Rate

Last but not the least, it is important you know the lending rules and regulations as well as the interest rate in case you want to borrow money from the new bank.

That’s just tips on what you should do. If you have a better suggestion or wants to ask question, leave a comment below and feel free to share to friends using the share buttons below. Protection Status

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